PROJECT EVALUATION : Combat & Ducentis

Ducentis BioTherapeutics Combat Medical

Hola, hola from Barcelona!

Did you know that 2,5 degrees Celsius can make the difference? Cancer cells can’t manage heat as well as normal cells, making hyperthermia a useful way to combat cancer. The English company Combat Medical is successfully selling its technology platform that delivers hyperthermia accurately, cost effectively, easily and tolerably to various organs.

Combat Medical crowdfunding

Ducentis is a pre-clinical stage company aiming to develop novel therapies to improve the lives of patients suffering from poorly treated inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. They have identified a molecule that could help attenuate inflammatory responses.

Ducentis BioTherapeutics crowdfunding

Please, check these two companies and share your thoughts on them with me!

Best wishes,

Pilar Puig Sàrries, PhD
Head Life Science Analyst
Head of the BioExpert Network


PROJECT EVALUATION : Combat & Ducentis

Ducentis BioTherapeutics Crowdfunding combat medical


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