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The BioExpert Network offers you a unique chance to interact with world-class scientists, doctors, academics, IP experts, investors, Pharma executives and C-level biotech entrepreneurs. During a 2-3 week-long process, we will hand-pick a group of experts with years of experience in the Healthcare sector and give them the opportunity to examine your project.

You will be in constant contact with the Experts, and by the end of the review process you will obtain both numeric feedback about the key aspects of your proposition (good old zero to ten) and extremely valuable discussions with relevant experts from across the world.

  Write at least 3 Unique Selling Points that describe your project. They must not be subjective appreciations!


 Share your pitch deck

A network of 900+ investors, PhD level scientists, IP lawyers, physicians, investment consultants and industry professionals will grade and give feedback on your:

  • Team
  • science
  • business model
  • innovation
  • the overall project.

Use this opportunity to provide the BioExpert Network reviewers with the most accurate information that you have about your pitch in 15-20 slides. Click here*

Your account

Confidentiality conditions:
1.- By uploading your pitch deck, you grant permission for Capital Cell to share the information with its network of external experts and investors, and to potentially include your company’s logo on the Capital Cell website homepage, in the section showing companies that are being evaluated. Please let us know if you want us to apply any restriction on the way in which the pitch deck is shared with the experts and investors.
2.- The information uploaded will be used exclusively for the purposes of analyzing the merits of the project and of the investment opportunity.
3.- You retain ownership over the information, and you have the right to stop the analysis process at any time, by sending us an email to


Companies that have successfully closed a round of investment through Capital Cell after having been assessed by the BioExpert Network

* More than 90% of companies that have worked with Capital Cell have managed to successfully close their round

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