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    Software: that is the word that best describes me. My education, my skills, my professional experiences and my passion are closely related to software development projects.  Along my more than 15 ye..
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    I have been working in a transnational research unit in La Paz Hospital for the last 5 years where I finished my PhD. This last year I have been involve in d-health Barcelona (Moebio, Biocat) program ..
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    Head of the BioExpert Network and life sciences analytics at Capital Cell. I connect experts in the life science and investment sectors with innovative research and development companies, to influenc..
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    I am in the Healthcare industry for more than 20 years, dedicated to Business and Corporate Development, with specific enfasis on the international business.
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    Kit Vaughan’s experience over the past three decades includes a post-doctoral fellowship in orthopaedic engineering at Oxford University, a tenured professorship at the University of Virginia, and 1..
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    I've worked in two biotechnological science centre’s collaborating in research about cancer and agrigenomics were I acquired a strong science background. I also was in an engineer consulting company..
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