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Emiliano Lepore (See Profile)


Medical Device


Prototyping, preclinical



We developed the first therapeutic intra-corneal implant, the GROSSO implant, made of nitinol for treating keratoconus.

We are targeting the 218 M+ eyes worldwide. This market grows of 2M+ new eyes worldwide every year.

Market opportunity: $1 B recurring market every year with a first recurring market of 300 M$ every year in EU and US.

Italian patent granted. PCT extension. PCT is going to be extended in: EU,Israel,US,Canada,China,India, JP, Brazil.

Received two pre-seed rounds from Entrepreneur First in SG and GFACTOR in Italy. Got a EU FTI grant for 1.6 M€..

This information is confidential, do not share or copy.

Under evaluation at least till: 18th December

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