Sterile insect technology




On the market

Funding needed

1 250 000 €



Technology and strategy to reduce mosquito-borne disease

Natural solution, fast-flexible deployment and massive aerial release capabilities

Current founder and CEO was cofounder of Beeologics, acquired by Monsanto in 2011

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Environmental and social responsibilities are deeply embedded in Forrest’s diverse activities. FORREST INNOVATIONS aims to use technology and education to improve the well-being of people and ecosystems around the world. FORREST INNOVATIONS is fighting mosquito-borne diseases!

Forrest Innovations is leveraging its development platforms to address two major challenges. The first objective is related to healthcare, and more specifically to disease vectoring mosquitoes indirectly killing more children around the world than any other cause. The second major objective is in agriculture, and more specifically a disease dubbed ‘Citrus Greening’, a devastating bacterial disease that is wreaking havoc in the major citrus producing geographies of the world.

Forrest Innovations has established operations in 4 discrete geographical locations. In Israel, they conduct their cutting-edge basic research. In the US, they have a site in California testing disease models, as well as a North American H.Q. in St Louis specialized in analytics and regulation. In Brazil they directly combine testing of its solutions together with providing a basis for its market. All those 4 localizations achieve high efficiency in both the scientific and operational levels.

Forrest Innovations’ highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced multi-disciplinary team has created a robust platform to manage all aspects of creating effective products and bringing them to the market. Forrest Innovations truly believes that it is possible to properly feed all the people that live in the world today using the food that is already produced, as long as this food will be more than just empty calories. The challenge is to overcome waste and distribute knowledge and resources more progressively.

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